Telford - a Division of Lincoln University

Dedicated to skills development for those in the rural sector, Telford has been training people within the agricultural sector for 50 years.
The Division offers practical training in agriculture, dairy, rural animal technician, equine, forestry, Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture, and apiculture (beekeeping).  Based 6km from Balclutha in South Otago on a 921-ha commercial farm, Telford offers real farming experience for live-in students.
Telford also has over 30 diverse correspondence courses so no matter where you live in New Zealand, you can still enrol at Telford.

Telford – a Division of Lincoln University offers:

  • Small classes
  • Work experience
  • Knowledge and a variety of practical skills. 


Telford Farm 



  AgExcel Vehicle Tutor Endorsements:



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  • Glen Park (Quads, Tractors)
  • Roy Gawn (Quads/Tractors)
  • Ivan Mockford (Quads/Tractors)
  • Andrew Thompson (Quads/Tractors)
  • Ken Payne (Wool Trainer)