Welcome to Telford!

The Telford campus of Lincoln University is located 6km from Balclutha in South Otago and is home to 120 residential students taking certificates and diplomas in practical land-based subjects – rural business, agriculture, stock and station, equine, forestry, horticulture, beekeeping (apiculture) and rural veterinary technician skills.

The campus is based on a 921 hectare commercial farm, giving students hands-on learning at every step of their study experience. We offer small classes, work experience, and a variety of practical skills. To find out more about what is on offer, check out the onsite programmes listed. 

Staff on the Telford campus also run the University’s correspondence programmes and STAR courses into schools.

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  • Glen Park (Quads, Tractors)
  • Roy Gawn (Quads/Tractors)
  • Ivan Mockford (Quads/Tractors)
  • Andrew Thompson (Quads/Tractors)