Certificate in Apiculture

Knowledge (Level 3)

Our emphasis is on theoretical learning of all aspects of beekeeping. During the course, you will learn about hive management and manipulation, disease identification, queen bee rearing, bee behavior, pollination, colony behavior and extracting honey. You will also have the opportunity to learn the commercial aspects of the industry such as marketing and administration.


One year from date of enrolment, part-time study

Please note: Due to funding uncertainties all correspondence courses will now finish 31/12/2017.


60 credits


NZ student fees

Entry requirements

Applicants must:
* Be 16 years or over
* Be proficient in English (written and oral).
Note: If English is your second language, you will be required to provide evidence that you are sufficiently competent in English to take part in this programme.

Programme content

New Zealand beekeeping
* 531101 Beekeeping industry, legislation and careers


* 531201 Entomology

Beekeeping equipment

* 531501 Beekeeping equipment


* 531701 Botany (includes a plant collection)

Bee behaviour

* 531301 Bee behaviour

Hive manipulations

* 531601 Hive management

Queen bee rearing

* 531141 Queen bee rearing

Pollination and hive management

* 531801 Pollination and hive management

Agricultural chemicals

* 531111 Agricultural chemicals for beekeeping

Pests and diseases

* 531901 Pests and diseases

* 531902 Varroa mite

* 531901 American foul brood

Honey processing

* 531121 Honey processing

Marketing in the apiculture industry

* 531151 Marketing in the apiculture industry

Alternative hive products

* 531131 Alternative hive products

Business administration

* 531161 Business administration

Health and safety

* 531401 Health and safety