Certificate in Equine


(Level 3)

This certificate is centred toward the equine enthusiast, whether you have an interest, are employed in the industry or own a horse for competition or pleasure. There is a small practical component to this certificate, which is organised by the Telford campus.


One year from date of enrolment, part-time study


71 credits


NZ student fees
International student fees

Entry requirements

Applicants must:
* Be 16 years or over
* Be proficient in English (written and oral).
Note: If English is your second language, you will be required to provide evidence that you are sufficiently competent in English to take part in this programme.

Textbooks required


Programme content

Equine care 1

* 1658 Demonstrate knowledge of the nature and requirements of a career in the equine industry

* 522101 Grooming

* 522102 Tack and saddlery

Equine care 2

* 6618 Identify a horse's age in relation to teeth, and examine for sharp edges

* 522201 Demonstrate knowledge of the horse shoeing process and remedial shoeing, and fit and remove studs

Equine facilities

* 6617 Assess stable design and construction

* 522302 Equine transportation

Equine feeding

* 16 Describe pasture plants and production, and ways to optimise pasture growth and utilisation

* 6612 Identify plants, grasses and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses, and describe methods of removal

* 522403 Nutrition

Equine health

* 14594 Demonstrate knowledge of horse anatomy and identify signs of good health and ill health in horses

TLM 522502 Anatomy basics

Equine reproduction

* 522601 Reproduction

Equine training

* 6611 Demonstrate knowledge of the procedure for bringing a horse into work after a spell and letting down

* 522702 Conditioning a horse

Horse structure

* 522801 Structure and function of horses' body system and associated problems