Certificate in Farriery


(Level 3)

This certificate covers everything you need to know about the horse hoof. There are 11 learning modules and there is no practical requirement for this certificate. 


One year from date of enrolment, part-time study


80 credits


NZ student fees

International student fees

Entry requirements

Applicants must:
* Be 16 years or over
* Be proficient in English (written and oral).
Note: If English is your second language, you will be required to provide evidence that you are sufficiently competent in English to take part in this programme.

Textbooks required


Programme content

Farriery history

* 525001 Farriery history

Farriery industry

* 525002 Farriery industry

Equine biomechanics and anatomy

* 525003 Equine biomechanics and anatomy

Farriery shoeing

* 525004 Farriery shoeing

Farriery studs

* 525005 Farriery studs

Farriery terminology

* 525006 Farriery terminology

Equine conditions and diseases of the hoof

* 525007 Equine conditions and diseases of the hoof

Farrier health and safety

* 525008 Farrier health and safety

Farriery tools

* 525009 Farriery tools

Farrier handling horses

* 525010 Farrier handling horses

Equine breeds and disciplines

* 525011 Equine breeds and disciplines