Certificate in Feed

Management Knowledge

(Level 4)

By the end of the programme, you will be able to discuss pasture grasses and plants, suitable fodder crops and supplements, work out pasture mass and available feed, plan for livestock feed requirements through an appropriate feed budget, and monitor livestock feeding patterns against budgeted requirements.


One year from date of enrolment, part-time study


75 credits


NZ student fees

Entry requirements

Applicants must:
* Be 16 years or over
* Be proficient in English (written and oral).
Note: If English is your second language, you will be required to provide evidence that you are sufficiently competent in English to take part in this programme.

Programme content

Pasture plants

* 511101 Plant physiology

* 511102 Plant production

* 511103 Pasture conservation

Fodder crops

* 511201 Brassicas and crops

* 511202 Whole-crop silage, green fed crops, maize

Pasture mass

* 511301 Pasture mass

* 511302 Calculation and implementation of plans to achieve pasture mass

Feed demand

* 511401 Feeding to meet production targets

* 511402 Implementing feed strategies

Feed budgets

* 511501 Feed profiling

* 511502 Calculations in a feed budget

* 511503 Feed allocations