STAR Dairy Unit Standards

18191 Demonstrate Knowledge of Safe Handling and Health Problems of Dairy Cattle, Associated With Milking   (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 3
 The welfare and safe handling of dairy cattle; dairy cattle behaviour; dairy cattle health problems associated with milking.
18192 Demonstrate Knowledge of How Cows Produce Milk  (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3

 The components of the mammary gland of the cow; the milk let-down response in dairy cows; and the composition and yield of cows milk.
18193 Demonstrate Knowledge of Farm Dairy Design, and the effluent system (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3
 Farm dairy design; hazards and accident prevention in a farm dairy; the farm dairy effluent system.
24550 Describe the Operation and Maintenance of Farm Dairy Equipment and Perform Calculations Relevant to the Farm Dairy (Level 3 Credit 6) Version 1
  Describe the function and operation of farm dairy equipment, and perform calculations relevant to the farm dairy.