STAR Equine Unit Standards


Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Thoroughbred Racing Industry (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 5
 The organisations in control of racing in New Zealand, the New Zealand Rules of Racing, and the New Zealand Racing Calendar.
1658 Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Nature And Requirements Of A Career In The Equine Industry  (Level 1  Credit 3) Version 5
 The career and training opportunities and characteristics of employment in the New Zealand equine industry.
6611 Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Procedure For Bringing A Horse Into Work After A Spell And Letting Down (Level 3 Credit 4) Version 5
 The preparation required for bringing a horse back into work; the training requirements for specific activities; developing a work and training programme for a horse; the letting-down of the horse before a spell.
6612 Identify Plants And Trees Which Are Potentially Poisonous To Horses, And Describe Methods Of Removal (Level 3 Credit 3) Version 5   (PLANT COLLECTION REQUIRED)
 Plants and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses; symptoms of poisoning; methods of removal, avoidance, and/or treatment.
6617 Assess Stable Design And Construction (Level 3 Credit 3) Version 5
 The design of stables, the materials used in the construction of a stable complex.
14590 Demonstrate Knowledge Of Preparing and Attending to Horses When Transporting by Air (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3
 Pre-flight procedures for preparing a horse for air transportation; loading procedures, and in-flight requirements of the horse; and the care of the horse after the flight.
14594 Describe Anatomy, And Identify Signs Of Good Health And Ill Health In Horses   (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 3
  The anatomy of horses, and identify signs of good health and ill health in horses.

Demonstrate Anatomical and Physiological Knowledge of Horse Feet (Level 3 Credit 5) Version 2

 Knowledge of the hoof capsule, and its internal structure.


Demonstrate Anatomical and Physiological Knowledge of Horse Legs (Level 3 Credit 5) Version 2

 Identify the anatomical structures of horse legs involved with movement and support; outline the structure, function and growth of bone in horses' legs; and identify structure and function of the connective tissue of horse limbs.

19949 Identify basic components and functions and common problems of horses body systems (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 2
  Are able to identify the components and functions of horses' body systems, and common problems that can occur in, or on, horses' body systems.