Telford Campus is business as usual for 2017 students

18 January 2017

Enrolments open today for Lincoln University’s Telford Division programmes.

Telford programmes for 2017 include the Certificate in Agriculture, Diploma in Agriculture and the Diploma of Rural Veterinary Technicians as have been offered for a number of years.  

“Based on the strong interest to date, we expect to welcome a large number of students onto the Telford campus at the end of this month,” said Joan Grace, Interim Director of Lincoln Telford Division.

Telford continues to offer correspondence and distance education programmes including Certificates in Apiculture Knowledge and Feed Management Knowledge, and the Schools STAR and Trades Academy.

“In committing to the 2017 programmes, Lincoln University has taken into account the importance of Telford to the community and to the industry,” said Joan Grace.

Discussions are progressing between Lincoln University and the Taratahi Agricultural Training Centre, one of New Zealand’s leading agricultural training providers, for the possible transfer of Telford operations to Taratahi.  Taratahi operates very similar vocational agricultural education and training programmes to Telford across New Zealand with its headquarters in the Wairarapa.
Lincoln University and Taratahi, with the support of the Telford Farm Board, have signed a statement of intent covering their Telford discussions.  The document includes provision for the transfer to Taratahi of the education operations at Telford, including staff.   The Tertiary Education Commission has been kept informed during this process.

“The Farm Board is delighted with the progress made so far between Lincoln University and Taratahi.  A positive outcome will ensure the successful continuation of vocational training for the industry,” said Murray Pilgrim, Chair of the Telford Farm Board.

Lincoln University remains committed to ensuring teaching obligations to its students are met.  Students starting at Telford this year, and who successfully complete their enrolled programmes in a timely manner, will receive a Lincoln University qualification.