There are many scholarships available for study at Telford.

Edmund Sanderson Jeff Farm Training Award

For Certificate Year or Diploma Year
The Salvation Army owns and manages a substantial holding in the Kaiwera District, near Gore, that was bequeathed by the late Mr Jeff. Applications will be considered from all young people who wish to study at Telford. Priority will be given to those students who need assistance because of their financial situation, living circumstances or state of health. The award can include study fees, meals and accommodation, funded to a maximum of 80% of total costs.

Applicants must nominate three referees who will outline their views on the personal and academic situations of the applicant. These references will be on the prescribed form available from the address below. Please forward a Referee’s Report form to each of your nominated referees.

Application Form

The completed forms are to be returned to: 
Liz McKerrow
Jeff Farm Scholarship Co-ordinator
The Salvation Army
PO Box 934 

Excludes Equine.
Applications close off end of January.


Telford Farm Board of Management Scholarship

This scholarship is being made available to suitable applicants by the Telford Farm Board of Management, which owns and is responsible for the governance of the 1000 hectares of land known as Telford Farm. It is a statuary body created under the Telford Farm Training Institute Act 1963 and is charged with providing facilities for practical training of young people in land based industries.

Our mission statement is:  "To operate a commercially and environmentally sustainable farm that supports quality training and relevant research while show casing best practice."

Scholarship applicants will be interviewed by representatives of the Telford Farm Board of Management and must:

  • Be a resident and/or ratepayer in the Otago or Southland Regions for the calendar year prior to commencement of the applicable course; OR
  • Have attended a secondary school for at least one year in the Otago or Southland Regions

The scheme applies to those enrolling in any of the following Telford on-campus qualifications:

After completion and successfully passing the qualification, Telford Farm Training Institute will contribute towards the tuition fees up to a maximum of $3000 per suitable applicant, dependent upon the number of applicants.

Applications must be received at the Telford Farm Office no later than close of business on Friday following the start of the course and no late entries will be accepted.

The Farm Office 
Private Bag 6 
Balclutha 9240 
or email


Peter Wilding Estate Scholarship

For Certificate Year or Diploma Year
The Peter Wilding Estate has made a scholarship available to a Telford student enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture from the Southland/Wakatipu Basin area (from those areas encompassing and between Queenstown and Arrowtown and Kingston to the South and Glenorchy to the West). Preference will be given to a student who is in need of financial support and has done well in their studies.

The value of the scholarship is full course fees and accommodation fees for one year of study at Telford.

Application forms are available from Telford Reception. Close-off for applications is late February.


Telford Gowrie Trust

For Certificate Year or Diploma Year
The Telford Gowrie Trust kindly supports Telford students through scholarships at the end of each academic year, to a student who is enrolled full time in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture course and is intending to further their education at Telford with the Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture. The scholarship is paid in two parts: $500 upon confirmed enrolment, and $500 on satisfactory completion of the first semester..

Application forms will be available from Telford Reception in November.


Westpac Trust Bursary

For Certificate in Agriculture Students
The Westpac Trust Bursary is available to a student from Southland studying towards the Telford Certificate in Agriculture and doing well in their studies, Priority will be given to those students who need assistance because of their financial situation.

One scholarship valued at $1,000, will be awarded through application into the second semester.

Application forms will be available from Telford Reception in the second semester.


DeLaval Bursary

The DeLaval Bursary is available to a student studying towards the Telford Certificate in Agriculture - dairy strand, Telford Certificate in Farming (Dairy) or Telford Diploma for Rural Veterinary Technician. Preference will be given to those in financial need and working hard towards their course.  One scholarship per year valued at $1000.

Application forms will be available from Telford Reception at the beginning of the second semester.


Telford - Star Award

This Bursary, to the value of $500, is available to a student studying towards a Telford Certificate.  Applicants must have been enrolled as a Telford STAR student or STAR e-Learning student, while attending High School.

Applications should be made at the time of enrolment.


BNZ - Bank of New Zealand

One Bursary of $500 is available to a current student who has shown commitment to their course of study throughout the year, not necessarily intending to carry on with further education.               

Application forms will be available at Telford Reception in November.


Rotary of Dunedin

Rotary are long-time supporters of Telford, and generously give scholarships to Telford's current graduating students who wish to continue their education, either in the Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture or elsewhere.

Application forms available at Telford in November.


Beef+Lamb NZ Agribusiness Scholarship

One scholarship is available to a Telford student currently enrolled in the Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture, to assist with their course fees. 

Application forms will be available at Telford Reception during the first term of the course. The close-off date is the end of April. Interviews are early in Term 2. 


Clutha Vets Association Scholarship

Clutha Vets offer two scholarships to students enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture valued at up to $1,000, and one scholarship to a student enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Equine, valued at up to $500.

On the application form you will be asked to give a short statement on animal health, along with your Academic Transcript (which can be sourced from Telford Reception). Clutha is especially keen to support students from the Clutha District

Application Form available from the Clutha Vets website and also from Telford reception. 
Please return to Telford Reception


Clutha District Council Bursary

For Certificate Year or Diploma Year
This bursary is available to a Telford student enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture or Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture, to the total value of $1,500. Clutha District Council will hold interviews in the second term. 

Application forms are available from both Telford Reception (Ph 0800 835 367) and Clutha District Council (Ph 03 419 0200).


Greenfield Rural Opportunities

For Certificate or Diploma Year
A bursary is available to a student enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture, full year programme of study at Telford. Valued at $3,800 – course fees. Preference will be given to a student with a good attitude, conscientious and sees a future in the agriculture industry. The successful applicant will work for Greenfield Rural Productions for a period of 12 months at standard industry pay rates, after graduating from the course.
Application forms will be available from Telford Reception. Close off for applications will be in term two..

DairyNZ Excellence Awards

Three awards of up to $2,000 are offered to three Telford students enrolled in the Lincoln Diploma in Agriculture, who have completed and demonstrated a commitment to achieving at a high level throughout their training and have made significant contributions in class throughout their study year and also have a commitment to the dairy industry and would be prepared to give back to the dairy industry in the future.

Application forms will be available from Telford Reception in second semester.   


Alliance Group Ltd

This Bursary is available to a student enrolled in the Certificate in Agriculture or Lincoln  Diploma in Agriculture. A Bursary to the value of $1,000 per annum is available to children of a Alliance Group Shareholders.  Academic ability will not be the sole criteria for selection.  The successful student will be interviewed and selected by representatives of Alliance Group.

Application forms to:
James Neylon
HR Coordinator
Alliance Group Ltd
PO Box 845

Phone (03) 214 2727, Fax (03) 214 2705
Applications close January  


South Otago Farm Forestry Association Bursary (SOFFA)

This Bursary is available to students enrolled in the Telford Certificate in Agriculture or Telford Certificate in Forestry. The Bursary, valued at $1,500, is intended for a student who has a particular interest in farm forestry.

Application forms are available from Telford reception in the second semester.


AW Thomson Dining Room Bursary

A Bursary is given at the end of each year to students who have lived on campus and have impressed the Telford Dining Room staff throughout the year by showing consideration to others and the staff. 


Young Farmer Teen Ag Scholarship

The Lincoln University TeenAg Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to students who wish to undertake studies at Lincoln University and who plan to make a career in a land-based industry.
Our scholarships may be offered annually to a student intending on studying at Lincoln University (Te waihora/Selwyn campus or Telford campus). The value of the scholarship is $4,000 towards tuition fees.
Applicants must be a competitor in the TeenAg competition in the year immediately prior to commencing study, or in the year that they commence study.
Applications made to: 
Scholarships Office, PO  Box 85084, Lincoln 7647, Canterbury
Close 31st July 2016


Te Roroa Commercial Development LTD Apprenticeship

Pouroa Ltd (Te Roroa and Pouto 2F Trust) are seeking expressions of interest for an exciting opportunity to train 2 apprentices to learn about the business of beekeeping.
The apprenticeship is for 3 years and the first year will include payment of full fees toward the Telford Certificate in Apiculture at Telford bee school Kaitaia. The course commences on 18th May 2015 until 11th March 2016 and runs for 37 weeks, Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm. The apprentices will then work alongside Pouroa bee keepers for the remainder of the term. The apprentices would be bonded to Pouroa as senior bee keepers to Pouroa Ltd.
Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work VISA.
Applications close 5pm Wednesday 28th October 2015
If you think this opportunity is for you please email your expressions of interest including your contact details to


Correspondence Bursaries

FONZ – Farmers of New Zealand

One Bursary is available annually to a correspondence student from Northland, under the age of 25. First priority is dairying, then sheep and cattle followed by horticulture, at the end of the academic year. 

Valued at $500, the Bursary is to be used at Telford for further education and/or resources.


Ecroyd Beekeeping Supplies Bursary

Two Bursaries are given annually to correspondence students studying apiculture.


Other Scholarships available

The Waimate Agricultural Trust

If you have lived in the south of South Canterbury, there may be funding available for you. The Waimate Agricultural Trust was established to assist students of agriculture with the costs of their study. The trust supports students in any kind of agriculture. The trust operates in the boundary from the Waitaki River in the south to the Pareora River in the north. Students must have lived within these boundaries for a minimum of two years.

If you feel you may be eligible for a grant and would like more information, please contact:

The Secretary
Waimate Agricultural Trust
PO Box 64
Waimate 7960
Phone 03 689 8551

Applications close 31 October. 


Taranaki Careers and Training Expo Trust

Enter the Careers and Training Expo Trust Career Plan Competition and you could win $1,000 towards your career training or studying. 

Taranaki Year 11, 12 or 13 secondary students or anyone wishing to further their education or start a new career are eligible.

Entrants must be New Zealand Citizens or have permanent resident status.

For further information, contact:

Careers & Training Expo Trust – Danny Hall
Phone 027 556 4459
Email -


Maori Education Trust 2014 Scholarship Application Round

We anticipate the 2014 scholarship application round will open Monday, 4 Whiringa-ā-rangi (November) 2013.

Apply on-line via the ‘Apply For Scholarships’ tab at

Secondary School category will close Friday, Hui-tanguru (February) 2015.

Tertiary undergraduate and postgraduate categories will close Friday, Poutū-te-rangi (March) 2015.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on (04) 586 7971 or at

Local scholarships may also be available for your district, and we strongly suggest that you visit your local library where you can gain access to a scholarship database, called BREAKOUT.


Lincoln Scholarships and Bursaries

For further information on Scholarships and Awards below, see the Scholarships and Funding Database.

NFD Training and Development Scholarship

This scholarship is for further training that will assist an individual’s development in New Zealand and benefit deaf and hearing-impaired people. It is available for:

Closes 31 March –


LA Alexander Agricultural College Trust Board

Students who were born or educated in the Taranaki/Waverley area may be eligible to apply for financial assistance to pursue courses at any Polytechnic, University or training centre in agriculture, horticulture and all types of farming

Closes 28 February. 


Rural Women NZ Diamond Jubilee Agricultural Tertiary Bursary

A one-year bursary available to students undertaking a full-time course of at least one year in an agricultural subject.

For women only.
Closes 1 March each year.


Rural Women NZ Tertiary Bursary

This is a one-year Bursary available to tertiary students. Financial need, the reasons for the course of study and the intended use of the qualification are considered when awarding the bursary.

For women only.
Closes 1 March each year. 


Ka Putea Grant

Ngai Tahu Grant funding is available for students of Ngai Tahu descent. 

Applications accepted between 1 March - 7 December.
For Maori/Pacifica only. 

Don Scott Agricultural Education Trust Grants

To provide funds to enable individuals or groups, whose principal place of residence is within the boundary of the Manawatu/Rangitikei and Wanganui Federated Farmers Provinces, to pursue agricultural-related studies or group learning initiatives. 

Boundary of the Manawatu/Rangitikei and Wanganui Federated Farmers Provinces.
Closes 30 November. 

Milford Community Charitable Trust

The trustees invite applications from people within the Milford area seeking study grants to enable them to undertake a tertiary or vocational education programme or a life skills course.

Closes 5 November.


Bay of Plenty Farmers Education Trust Scholarship

Applications are invited from any student from the Bay of Plenty region encompassing Opotiki, Whakatane, Kawerau, Western Bay of Plenty District Councils and Tauranga City Council who has been in an agricultural and or veterinary course for at least one year, either full or part-time. No age limit or specific New Zealand Polytech/University required. This scholarship is to assist in the payment of tutorial fees in the enrolled course. 
Closes 15 November. 

Harwood Farm Trust

To be eligible for a grant from the trust, the applicant will ideally be undertaking or teaching an agricultural course at an institution established for that purpose in New Zealand. Preference may be given to people who can demonstrate greater need and who are in some way connected with the East Coast of the North Island.

Closes 25 November. 

Whangarei Agricultural and Pastoral Society Scholarship

Applications are invited from students who are domiciled within the boundaries of the Whangarei District Council area, and who are contemplating agricultural-based studies at any agricultural institution.

For new to Lincoln students only.
Closes 30 September. 

Ann Sinclair Charitable Trust

The trust document provides for funds to be invested by the trustee and the income used for:

The assistance with their travel, accommodation and education in any aspects of farming including agriculture, horticulture, orcharding and animal husbandry, both general and specialised, at what the trustee in its discretion considers to be suitable places and educational institutes (including, but not in any way limiting the discretion of the trustee, universities, polytechnics, farm training institutes and schools) whether within or without New Zealand, of the following classes of students, priority being given in any one year to the classes in the order set out below as funds permit:

Barrier to study due to unsuitability of current environment or health.
For new to Lincoln students only. 
Closes 31 October.

AMP Scholarship

AMP Scholarships rewards those with courage, passion, determination and commitment - those who aspire to live life to the full.

Recipients must not only have the ability, but also the ambition to achieve their chosen goal no matter what obstacles may be in their path.

This year a total scholarship pool of more than $200,000 will make it possible to support even more deserving Kiwis. Recipients will be announced at a National Awards Dinner in November. 

Closes 31 August.

Drury Tertiary Scholarship

Ex-pupils of Kelston Boys’ High School and Kelston Girls’ High School who are undertaking tertiary study are invited to apply for this scholarship. Two scholarships will be awarded, one to a pupil of Kelston Boys’ High School within five years of leaving school and one to a pupil of Kelston Girls’ High School within five years of leaving school.

For new to Lincoln students only.
Closes 30 June. 

Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship

Available to a Maori undergraduate student who is ordinarily resident in, or who has tribal affiliations with, the Auckland and Northland provinces.
Ordinarily resident in Auckland or Northland provinces.
For Maori/Pacifica only.
Closes 27 April.


Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship

The Sir Apirana Ngata Scholarship was created by the Maori Soldiers Trust to promote higher education amongst Maori. Available to a full-time Maori undergraduate student studying at a NZ tertiary institute.

Preference will be given to descendants of Maori WW1 veterans.
For Maori/Pacifica only.
Closes 30 April.

New Horizons Opportunity

Opportunity Awards are made to women who are changing career direction and entering a field that is non-traditional for women. 

For women only.
Closes 30 April. 

Kitchener Memorial Scholarship

The Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Trust Act 1941 allows the Trustees of the Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Fund to offer scholarships to members of the armed forces or children of service people undertaking an agricultural course of study at a New Zealand university.

Applicants must be members of the Armed Forces, or children of service people.
Closes 1 December.

  • Telford Certificate in Agriculture -  Level 3 
  • Telford Certificate in Farming (Dairy) – Level 3
    • First prize for highest aggregate marks in the Certificate in Apiculture Knowledge
    • Second prize for highest aggregate marks in the Certificate in Apiculture Knowledge.
    • Participation in a course at a local or overseas venue

    • Gathering resources for educational and/or social purposes.

    • For former pupils of Milford School, or

    • Students whose parents are former pupils of Milford School, or

    • Residents of the Milford district as defined by the district boundaries decided by the trustees.

    • Students who want to be trained in farming and would be likely to benefit from such training and have a need for assistance on account of the unsuitability of their existing environment or their state of health;

    • Students who, for other good reasons, would otherwise not readily have the opportunity to undertake such studies;

    • Other students who, in the opinion of and at the unfettered discretion of the trustee, would find benefit from such assistance.

Other resources

GrowingNZ also have a directory of Scholarships which are available - check this out on their website -

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Enrolling now for 2018

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Fees Free Study in 2018

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