STAR Dairy Unit Standards

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Welcome to Telford's STAR programme.

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What does STAR mean?

“Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resources” provides resources to schools who either are not equipped or not accredited to teach particular subjects. Telford provides the learning material and the assessments and undertakes the marking, the record keeping and the moderation, with the schools reporting the results to NZQA using Telford’s accreditation number: 8505 Telford has a well-established history of providing secondary school students with STAR learning by mail. We have increased our selection of Unit Standards available through our STAR programme, and we are now building on this foundation by also providing quality eLearning to students around the country.

Telford Secondary school agreement

Before study can commence, an enrolment form and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be completed to formalise the agreement between Telford and the school (master copy found in the back of the STAR booklet or at

Please note, signing of the MOU represents the school’s agreement to abide by Telford’s policies and procedures.

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STAR Dairy Unit Standards

18191 Demonstrate Knowledge of Safe Handling and Health Problems of Dairy Cattle, Associated With Milking   (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 3
 The welfare and safe handling of dairy cattle; dairy cattle behaviour; dairy cattle health problems associated with milking.
18192 Demonstrate Knowledge of How Cows Produce Milk  (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3

 The components of the mammary gland of the cow; the milk let-down response in dairy cows; and the composition and yield of cows milk.
18193 Demonstrate Knowledge of Farm Dairy Design, and the effluent system (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3
 Farm dairy design; hazards and accident prevention in a farm dairy; the farm dairy effluent system.
24550 Describe the Operation and Maintenance of Farm Dairy Equipment and Perform Calculations Relevant to the Farm Dairy (Level 3 Credit 6) Version 1
  Describe the function and operation of farm dairy equipment, and perform calculations relevant to the farm dairy.

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