STAR Equine Unit Standards

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What does STAR mean?

“Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resources” provides resources to schools who either are not equipped or not accredited to teach particular subjects. Telford provides the learning material and the assessments and undertakes the marking, the record keeping and the moderation, with the schools reporting the results to NZQA using Telford’s accreditation number: 8505 Telford has a well-established history of providing secondary school students with STAR learning by mail. We have increased our selection of Unit Standards available through our STAR programme, and we are now building on this foundation by also providing quality eLearning to students around the country.

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STAR Equine Unit Standards


Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Thoroughbred Racing Industry (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 5
 The organisations in control of racing in New Zealand, the New Zealand Rules of Racing, and the New Zealand Racing Calendar.
1658 Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Nature And Requirements Of A Career In The Equine Industry  (Level 1  Credit 3) Version 5
 The career and training opportunities and characteristics of employment in the New Zealand equine industry.
6611 Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Procedure For Bringing A Horse Into Work After A Spell And Letting Down (Level 3 Credit 4) Version 5
 The preparation required for bringing a horse back into work; the training requirements for specific activities; developing a work and training programme for a horse; the letting-down of the horse before a spell.
6612 Identify Plants And Trees Which Are Potentially Poisonous To Horses, And Describe Methods Of Removal (Level 3 Credit 3) Version 5   (PLANT COLLECTION REQUIRED)
 Plants and trees which are potentially poisonous to horses; symptoms of poisoning; methods of removal, avoidance, and/or treatment.
6617 Assess Stable Design And Construction (Level 3 Credit 3) Version 5
 The design of stables, the materials used in the construction of a stable complex.
14590 Demonstrate Knowledge Of Preparing and Attending to Horses When Transporting by Air (Level 2 Credit 2) Version 3
 Pre-flight procedures for preparing a horse for air transportation; loading procedures, and in-flight requirements of the horse; and the care of the horse after the flight.
14594 Describe Anatomy, And Identify Signs Of Good Health And Ill Health In Horses   (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 3
  The anatomy of horses, and identify signs of good health and ill health in horses.

Demonstrate Anatomical and Physiological Knowledge of Horse Feet (Level 3 Credit 5) Version 2

 Knowledge of the hoof capsule, and its internal structure.


Demonstrate Anatomical and Physiological Knowledge of Horse Legs (Level 3 Credit 5) Version 2

 Identify the anatomical structures of horse legs involved with movement and support; outline the structure, function and growth of bone in horses' legs; and identify structure and function of the connective tissue of horse limbs.

19949 Identify basic components and functions and common problems of horses body systems (Level 2 Credit 3) Version 2
  Are able to identify the components and functions of horses' body systems, and common problems that can occur in, or on, horses' body systems.

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